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The bookstore


The story of the Acqua Alta Bookstore in Venice is a captivating tale that began in 2002 when Luigi Frizzo, originally from Vicenza but enamoured with the lagoon city, decided to bring a unique project to life.

Luigi’s creativity, shaped by numerous journeys over the years, finds expression in an extraordinary place that authentically narrates Venice.

The bookstore is not just a space dedicated to books but rather an authentic representation of the lagoon city – a microcosm of Venetian suggestions with books of all kinds, unique furnishings, the friendly presence of cats, and, of course, the occasional high water that floods the shop.

The Acqua Alta Bookstore has evolved into a sanctuary for literature enthusiasts and a must-visit for those exploring Venice, offering a distinctive perspective on the city through the enchanting lens of books and Venetian tradition.

Libreria Acqua Alta Venezia

4 Reasons to Visit the Bookstore

Acqua Alta Bookstore is not just a physical space but a living narrative of stories—an interweaving of words that unfolds through narrow corridors and unexpected spaces, revealing the peculiarities of this place.

Lagoon-style decor

To address the challenges posed by water, which can enter the shop during high tides, an innovative approach has been adopted. Rather than using traditional shelves, books are arranged on gondolas, canoes, small boats, and tanks, creating an extraordinary setting that seamlessly blends everyday custom with poetry.

Follow the books

At the back of the bookstore, a truly unique staircase awaits your ascent – hundreds of books destined for recycling have been skilfully arranged to create unique steps.
“Follow the books” and enjoy the view of the Venetian canals.

A remarkable emergency exit

Our Venetian-style emergency exit – an ancient wooden door, weathered by time and enriched with peeling paint – opens directly onto the canal that runs alongside the bookstore. Often, you may find a gondola ready to be captured in a memorable shot.

Cats: guardians of the bookstore

Libreria Acqua Alta Venezia

Free and independent, they seem to be an integral parts of the literary community, contributing to the creation of a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.
Wandering among the bookshelves and resting quietly in secluded corners, the cats of Acqua Alta Bookstore embody the tranquility and sly beauty of Venetian life. Their presence creates a sense of calm and familiarity, as if they were quiet guardians of the stories hidden among the shelves.

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