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Books and Culture

Among our shelves

The bookstore hosts a wide selection of recently published books, used books, rare volumes, ancient and modern editions, as well as an extensive and diverse collection on the theme of Venice.

You are invited to explore shelves, gondolas, and ledges to discover the classic works of Italian literature, international novels, timeless poems, and much more.


Inside the bookstore, the eclectic selection of books on the theme of “Venice” spans a variety of fascinating topics, offering a complete literary experience for every type of reader.

Among the shelves, you can explore books on Venetian art, delve into the history of the Republic of Venice, celebrate the boats that navigate the canals, discover local cuisine through traditional recipes, travel through novels set in the lagoon city, and capture the essence of Venetian theatre.

Non-fiction volumes explore specific local cultural aspects, while books in dialect provide a linguistic window into the unique daily life of Venice.

Whether you are interested in delving into history, savouring cuisine, or enjoying Venetian art, Acqua Alta Bookstore will meet your requests and expectations.

Expressions of Art

We host books that embrace a wide range of artistic expressions. Our collection takes you on a journey through art, architecture, cinema, music, photography and theatre.

In specialised sections, you’ll discover works exploring the masterpieces and artists from various eras and origins, shaping the artistic world over the centuries.

Literature and Fiction

A rich and varied assortment of books that span different literary genres and eras. Within this space, you can explore a wide selection of works, with special attention to Italian and foreign literature, modern and contemporary fiction.

Our shelves house sections dedicated to science fiction and fantasy; if you are looking for engaging stories for the younger ones, there are books for children and teenagers.

For those who love to travel through time within the pages of a book, there is a section for historical novels; for the romantics, there is a wide selection of poetry books.

Acqua Alta Bookstore in Venice offers a wide range of options to satisfy every literary taste.


The non-fiction section offers a variety of works that encompass classical Greek and Latin classics, providing readers the opportunity to explore the roots of Western philosophy and literature.

Additionally, it features books on history and philosophy from past, modern, and contemporary major figures.

The psychology section contains works that delve into mechanisms of the psyche, offering in-depth analyses of behaviours, emotions, and mental processes.
Numerous volumes dedicated to socio-pedagogy explore the fundamental themes of this science.

Lastly, the biography section allows readers to look into the extraordinary lives of individuals who have left an indelible mark on history or influenced contemporary thought.

Publishing Houses

Our catalog  offers a wide selection of books from various prominent publishing houses:

Requests and Information

To inquire about the availability and details of a specific book, please feel free to contact us.
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